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2021 Charity

This year we celebrate women! The charity of this year's DB10K goes to Run Hong Kong, a registered organization in Hong Kong dedicated to support refugees. Our donation will specifically support refugee women in their organization.

2019 Charity

This year the DB10K is dedicated to the elderly. Aging society is a common, but often neglected social problem. This year's DB10K will be supporting Banyan Service Association, a charity dedicated to serve the poor elderly in Hong Kong. Banyan's services include home visit, companion to hospital, rice box distribution etc. They also run a ‘Friends of Sunset’ program, where volunteers assist elderly living alone and their after death arrangements.

Let's take this opportunity to help elderly people in Hong Kong, run a beautiful race and don't forget, call your parents after the race and ask how they are! :)

2018 Charity

ImpactHK​ Impact HK never started out with the intention of creating a charity. Three years ago, the founder – Jeff Rotmeyer – had the idea of doing one kind act per month for the homeless. This would mean a walk through the more impoverished areas of Hong Kong and handing out supplies to those in need. This initiative really touched the hearts of volunteers throughout Hong Kong, becoming quite popular and giving Impact HK the opportunity to make greater impact. We progressed to doing two walks a month, then four, and so on. We now do more than 40 walks per month in five locations across Hong Kong, and ImpactHK became a registered charity in March 2017.

2017 Charity

​Plastic Free Seas (PFS) is a Hong Kong registered charity working on the global issue of plastic marine pollution… locally.  Through education campaigns in schools and action campaigns in the community, PFS aims to teach people about this problem and empower people with solutions to act. To date, PFS has worked in over 100 schools and reached more than 25,000 students.



Previous Charities

2016 - The Hub HK
The Hub HK is a children and youth centre based in Sham Shui Po. It works to help children who are socially and economically disadvantaged. 209,000 children in Hong Kong live below the poverty line. In 2012 the founders of The Hub HK had a vision to help such children by providing a place for disadvantaged children.

2015 - Food Angel
Food Angel is a food rescue and food assistance program that rescues edible surplus food from different sectors of the food industry that would otherwise be disposed of as waste. The rescued food items are then prepared as nutritious hot meals in our central kitchen a redistributed to serve the underprivileged communities in Hong Kong.

2014 - Watchdog early education centre
Watchdog Early Education Centre is a registered charitable organisation in Hong Kong providing intensive and well-rounded early intervention and therapy programming for children with special educational needs aged from newborn to six.

2013 - Benji's Centre
In partnership with parents, we aim to help children in need of professional speech therapy from low-income families. It is our role, along with the parents to help these children integrate into our society with confidence and adequate communication ability.

2012 - SOS Lanka Action
A Hong Kong registered charity whose purpose is to alleviate the plight of the poor and destitute in Sri Lanka's needy, by way of sending items such as clothes, shoes, household goods, educational materials, tools etc. This charity organization was founded by Discovery Bay residents, Bernadette and George Deden in

2011 - The Ben Kende Foundation
Ben Kende is an 18 year Hong Kong schoolboy and rugby player who was seriously injured while representing Hong Kong during the opening game of the Asian Junior Championship in Bangkok in 2010. A seemingly harmless tackle resulted in the fracture of his cervical vertebrae.

The Ben Kende Foundation is a charity founded by his friends, teachers, and the Rugby and medical communities in Hong Kong who have come together to raise funds to provide for his future care and rehabilitation.

2010 -  The Child Development Centre
The Child Development Centre at Matilda is dedicated to serving children from ages 0-6 with special educational needs that require English-speaking services beyond those typically offered by similar services delivered exclusively in Cantonese.

2009 - Theodora Foundation
Theodora Foundation’s objective is to offer joy and happiness to hospitalized children through the weekly visits of professional artists, “The Clown Doctors”, specially trained to work in a hospital environment.”

2008 - Poinsettia School
Money went towards salaries for teachers and rent of classrooms.

2007 - Playright
Money went towards a mobile van used for organising mobile playgrounds for children.

2006 - Po Leung Kuk
Money went towards this shelter for women and children

2006 - Make A Wish Foundation
Money raised went towards buying a piano for a 12 year old terminally ill girl and music lessons.

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